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Water Stewardship and Management Award

Reducing water usage through innovative technology and intelligent water management is critical to a firm’s sustainability goals. This award is for the food or beverage manufacturer supermarket chain or foodservice group that can demonstrate an innovative approach to overall water stewardship and management. Judges will look at how the company is protecting the planets water resources through their supply chain as well as looking at how water is used and managed at their production or retail sites. Judges will look at the use of technology and management tools and the overall impact and effectiveness of a company’s water stewardship and management strategy.

This award recognises the best water stewardship across a company including water reduction, water efficiency, water management, water reuse, wastewater treatment etc.


Summary of entry: Please summarise the improvements achieved by your company in terms of reducing your overall water usage and improving your water management efficiency.

(Max 100 words)

What measures have you developed and implemented to improve water efficiency performance?
(Max 250 words)

Please identify the water savings achieved across your sites and supply chain

(Max 250 words)


Have you gone beyond industry standard and how?

(Max 250 words)

How have you engaged with your various stakeholders in terms of your water management and water stewardship program.

(Max 250 words)

What specific innovations (technological or strategy wise) have you introduced?

(Max 250 words)

Additional Information: Please provide supporting evidence to