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Sustainable Factory of the Year


Nominees for this award should be involved in offering solutions that serve to promote the concept and realization of a sustainable manufacturing enterprise. This award will recognise the manufacturer that has taken its sustainability agenda to the next level.  Will be examined the company’s corporate strategy and look at performance within a number of strands, including waste, transport, energy, packaging, carbon emissions, buildings, pollution control, sustainable sourcing, stakeholder engagement etc. Manufacturers will need to illustrate success in cutting their carbon footprint, as well as converting green manufacturing into a business opportunity.

For entering this award, please:

  1. Summarize in 100 words the environmental improvement achieved by your company, including areas like maximising energy efficiency levels, addressing water use and treatment, compliance with environmental regulations and minimising waste from the production process.
  2. Explain in 250 words what specific measures has your company developed and implemented to improve the sustainability of your business
  3. What specific innovations (technological or strategy wise) have you introduced? 100 words
  4. Have you gone beyond industry standard and how? 100words